King of the Mountain - Mt Diablo South Climb Times
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Name Place Climb Time Date Category
Mark Pryor 1stMt Diablo South (CA) 1:23:13 09/28/13Male 55+
Jeffery Callahan 2ndMt Diablo South (CA) 1:24:13 05/15/13Male 55+
Dhiraj Dwarapudi 1stMt Diablo South (CA) 1:25:00 07/28/12Male CAT 4-5
Mark Pryor 3rdMt Diablo South (CA) 1:24:17 07/28/12Male 55+
Brendan Montgomerie 1stMt Diablo South (CA) 0:53:53 05/22/12Male 35+
Alexander Komlik 3rdMt Diablo South (CA) 1:03:06 10/03/10Male 45+
Michael Mcgeough 1stMt Diablo South (CA) 1:21:12 09/25/10Male 50+
Michael Mcgeough 1stMt Diablo South (CA) 1:06:13 03/26/05Male 45+
Best three times will be listed below. Tandem times are for mixed only and the average age of both should be used.
Distance: 11.2 miles (from Athenian School to parking lot at top)
Climb: 3700 feet
Avg Grade: 6.3%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallBrendan Montgomerie0:53:5305/22/12Brian Canali0:57:3310/04/09Richard Hanke0:57:4910/04/09
Mixed 60+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch1:21:3304/04/09      
Male 35+Brendan Montgomerie0:53:5305/22/12      
Male 45+Brian Canali0:57:3310/04/09Richard Hanke0:57:4910/04/09Alexander Komlik1:03:0610/03/10
Male 50+Michael Mcgeough1:21:1209/25/10      
Male 55+Mark Pryor1:23:1309/28/13Jeffery Callahan1:24:1305/15/13Mark Pryor1:24:1707/28/12
Male 60+Franz Kelsch1:01:5007/11/09      
Male CAT 4-5Dhiraj Dwarapudi1:25:0007/28/12      
Female 50+Pat Parseghian1:34:1910/20/07

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