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My Endurance Records - Most Recent Listed First
Name Place Type Date Category Value
Russell Stevens1stFeet climbed in 24 hours04/10/10Male 35+24,500 ft
Russell Stevens1stMiles biked in calendar year12/31/09Male 35+12,141 mi
Russell Stevens1stFeet climbed in calendar year12/31/09Male 35+649,500 ft
Russell Stevens3rdMiles biked in 24 hours10/12/09Male 35+348 mi
Name Place Climb Time Date Category Speed MPH Grade % Ft/Hr HR PWR (Est)
Russell Stevens1stDel Puerto Canyon (CA) 0:17:4403/05/11Male 35+11.25.93485157317 (269)
Russell Stevens1stWelch Creek (CA) 0:25:0311/06/10Male 35+9.88.84575165372 (329)
Russell Stevens1stMetcalf (CA) 0:11:0709/24/09Male 35+9.79.64912
Russell Stevens1stBohlman (CA) 0:26:5508/20/09Male 35+9.494458
Russell Stevens1stMt Hamilton (CA) 1:13:3708/14/09Male 35+15.14.33423
Russell Stevens2ndMontebello (CA) 0:27:2907/23/09Male 35+11.67.34432
Russell Stevens1stSierra (CA) 0:23:4507/17/09Male 35+9.39.44623
Russell Stevens1stHighway 9 North (CA) 0:26:3007/09/09Male 35+12.76.44257
Russell Stevens3rdDel Puerto Canyon (CA) 0:20:3707/05/09Male 35+9.65.92998
Russell Stevens3rdOld LaHonda East (CA) 0:16:5107/02/09Male 35+11.87.54665
Russell Stevens1stWelch Creek (CA) 0:29:4405/31/09Male 35+8.38.83854
Russell Stevens1stMt Hamilton Back (CA) 0:37:4005/02/09Male 35+7.28.43186
Russell Stevens1stPage Mill (CA) 0:39:2510/17/08Male 35+12.65.23501
Russell Stevens1stQuimby West Ruby (CA) 0:28:3111/19/05Male 35+8.88.94155
Russell Stevens2ndMt Diablo South (CA) 0:56:38//Male 35+11.96.33920
Name Place Course Time Date Category Speed MPH Grade %   HR PWR (Est)

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