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Upcoming Events
Event Date Distance Climbing
New KOM Times
Name Climb Time Category
Deborah Hoag Hicks East (CA) 0:16:55 Female 60+
Deborah Hoag Henry Coe (CA) 0:51:43 Female 60+
Russell Reid Old LaHonda East (CA) 0:19:36 Male 60+
Russell & BethSierra (CA) 0:27:57 Tandem 55+
Mike Urbina Montebello (CA) 0:32:17 Male 50+
Beth Reid Montebello (CA) 0:30:02 Female 55+
Russell Reid Montebello (CA) 0:32:43 Male 60+
Mike Urbina Montebello (CA) 0:35:29 Male 50+
Name Course Time Category
Perry Wong Bailey Loop (CA) 0:43:15 Male 50+
Mike Deitchman Bailey Loop (CA) 0:46:09 Male CAT 4-5
Val Gibson South Fork (UT) 0:14:11 Male CAT 4-5
James Hansen South Fork (UT) 0:19:35 Male 70+
Jon Russell South Fork (UT) 0:14:13 Male CAT 4-5
Nate Carter South Fork (UT) 0:19:55 Male Clydesdale
Jeremy Stanley South Fork (UT) 0:19:23 Male CAT 4-5
Jeremy Stanley South Fork (UT) 0:19:38 Male CAT 4-5
New Endurance Records
Name Type Value Category
Brian Mcguire Miles biked in a calendar month 2,890 mi Male 55+
Franz Kelsch Miles biked in a calendar month 1,593 mi Male 60+
Mike Deitchman Miles biked in 24 hours 306 mi Male 35+
Mike Deitchman Miles biked in 48 hours 509 mi Male 35+
Mike Deitchman Miles biked in 48 hours 519 mi Male CAT 4-5
Mike Deitchman Miles biked in 48 hours 5,187 mi Male CAT 4-5
Doug Adams Feet climbed in calendar year 548,651 ft Male 50+
Doug Adams Miles biked in calendar year 18,067 mi Male 50+

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