The best way to measure the intensity of any exercise ideally would be to measure the volume of oxygen consumed (VO2). That is not practical so the next best method is to measure heart rate. Today you can buy a reliable heart rate monitor for a relatively small price. More expensive models include additional features, including measusing speed and distance for both running and cycling.

Heart rate monitoring is key because our the health of our heart is the most important factor and measuring our heart rate is the easiest way to get that feedback and is much better than just our sense of how hard we are working.  Monitoring can also keep us from pushing too hard when we are doing a recovery run or ride.

By using a heart rate monitor you can use zone training during our work out and also keep from going into your lactate threashold when you don't wish to.

Keeping Track

Keeping a training log not only provides us added motivation, but helps us to see what we have really accomplished.  I have kept a detailed training log for several years, including distances, speed, and heart rate. From this data I can view historical graphs of my training over the last several years.

I also follow a program when training for marathons and triathlons and you can follow my progress for each.

Under the Total Training section, I outline some methods I have developed to equate training between different endurance sports. Also included are some calcuators you can use to estimate the calories burned for different sports.



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