Keeping Track
Like anything else that is important, monitoring our progress is key to help us make sure we are using putting in the right effort level.  Keeping a training log not only provides us added motivation, but helps us to see what we have really accomplished. This can be done with a simple system like making a notation on a calendar you dedicate to your log. There are some online systems where you can log your exercise workouts.
Detail Training Log
I keep a very detailed training log, using Microsoft Excel.  I use a new "sheet" for each year with a summary sheet where I can compare years and generate the type of graphs shown in this website.  I have a pull down for the type of exercise, some which include auto entered distance numbers for courses I often run.  All of the other data comes from my heart rate monitors.  I use a Polar S625X for both running and distance. The speed or pace is calculated from the entered entered v alues.  The "Effort" column is personalized for me and is calculated from the the pace and distance combination for running and the average speed/climb combination for cycling. 

The table below shows only a small section of the data for one week.
In addition to the data shown above, I also enter from the Polar heart rate monitor feet climbed, calories burned, average heart rate and maximum heart rate. Using all this data, using Excel, I create numerous charts that allow me to track my progress against prior years as shown in this chart.
Training Chart
Training for an Ultra Event
Although the regular training log works well for building your base conditioning, to get ready for a major event you need to have a place and then track your progress against the plan. In the training section are some training plans that you can use for your first double century or for a event with major climbing. You should adapt the plan to meet your needs, your schedule and what you wish to accomlish. Once you have your plan set, then record some of the key paraments to make sure you are meeting your plan. The charts below are from a training program was to get ready for both the Evertest Challenge and the Furnace Creek 508.
Training for Furnace Creek 508


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