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  This website keeps track of times up several Utah favorite hill climbs and time trial courses. To be included, enter your times here.  
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Name Place Climb Time Date Category
Deborah Hoag 1stHicks East (CA) 0:16:55 11/24/14Female 60+
Deborah Hoag 1stHenry Coe (CA) 0:51:43 11/16/14Female 60+
Russell Reid 1stOld LaHonda East (CA) 0:19:36 10/29/14Male 60+
Russell & Beth1stSierra (CA) 0:27:57 10/08/14Tandem 55+
Mike Urbina 1stMontebello (CA) 0:32:17 10/04/14Male 50+
Beth Reid 1stMontebello (CA) 0:30:02 10/04/14Female 55+
Russell Reid 1stMontebello (CA) 0:32:43 10/04/14Male 60+
Mike Urbina 3rdMontebello (CA) 0:35:29 09/30/14Male 50+
Best three times will be listed below. Tandem times are for mixed only and the average age of both should be used.
Distance: 10.5 miles (from toll booth to summit)
Climb: 2887 feet
Avg Grade: 5.2%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallCharla Paynter0:28:1512/18/10Rick Black0:53:5008/28/10Dan Belnap0:59:5007/24/10
Male 35+Joe Harmon1:05:5908/21/10      
Male 45+Dan Belnap0:59:5007/24/10      
Male 50+Rick Black0:53:5008/28/10      
Male 55+Stan Larrabee1:00:2307/20/10      
Male CAT 4-5Jason Work1:02:1906/22/11      
Male ClydesdaleSpencer Morse1:15:0008/22/11      
Female 45+Charla Paynter0:28:1512/18/10      
Distance: 8.4 miles (from Flag Pole at Park Heaquar to summit)
Climb: 2400 feet
Avg Grade: 5.4%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallRick Black0:43:4007/07/10Stephen Rogers0:47:5607/03/10Rick Black0:48:0705/20/10
Male 35+Stephen Rogers0:47:5607/03/10      
Male 50+Rick Black0:43:4007/07/10Allan Bailey0:53:0709/15/09   
Male 55+Stan Larrabee0:50:3005/25/10      
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:57:2509/04/09      
Male CAT 4-5Ryan Seal1:01:2410/16/10      
Female 55+Blyth Larrabee1:06:1610/02/09      
Distance: 8.7 miles (from Provo Canyon Higway 189 to summit)
Climb: 2836 feet
Avg Grade: 6.2%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallRick Black0:48:3609/16/10Griffin Park0:50:5107/03/10Franz Kelsch0:55:3709/01/08
Mixed 55+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch1:35:0005/28/08      
Mixed 60+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch1:17:3208/26/09      
Male 35+Breen Holmes0:59:2509/04/10Steven Park1:02:3507/03/10   
Male 50+Rick Black0:48:3609/16/10      
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:55:3709/01/08      
Male CAT 4-5Ryan Seal0:59:0107/21/11Jason Work1:00:2206/18/11Patrick Terry1:01:2306/26/10
Male JuniorGriffin Park0:50:5107/03/10      
Female 60+Anne Kelsch1:21:1308/03/09      
Distance: 2.3 miles (from Hwy 189 to Sundance Entrance)
Climb: 821 feet
Avg Grade: 6.8%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallRick Black0:12:4509/16/10Franz Kelsch0:14:3407/12/10Ryan Seal0:14:5407/21/11
Male 35+Terrell Cook0:15:1206/29/10Bob Barnes0:15:5206/02/11   
Male 50+Rick Black0:12:4509/16/10      
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:14:3407/12/10      
Male CAT 4-5Ryan Seal0:14:5407/21/11Patrick Terry0:15:0206/26/10Ryan Seal0:15:1206/30/10
Distance: 6.6 miles (from base at Y to Summit)
Climb: 1950 feet
Avg Grade: 5.6%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallTerry Moore0:31:4801/29/05Brian Sterling0:34:3206/26/10Helen Casabona0:35:5909/04/11
Male 35+Scott Hayes0:38:2109/22/09Gregory Mcgee1:03:3708/04/10   
Male 45+Terry Moore0:31:4801/29/05Brian Sterling0:34:3206/26/10   
Male 55+Sam Beal0:36:0910/11/08      
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:37:4710/11/08      
Female 45+Alison Chaiken0:44:2710/11/08      
Female 50+Helen Casabona0:35:5909/04/11Deborah Hoag0:54:3201/15/09Pat Parseghian0:59:5010/11/08
Female 55+Cindi Staiger0:50:3002/13/10      
Distance: 4.2 miles (from 6th Street to end of road)
Climb: 2000 feet
Avg Grade: 9%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallRussell Stevens0:26:5508/20/09Richard Hanke0:32:2108/28/09Gary Robinson0:35:2006/21/09
Male 35+Russell Stevens0:26:5508/20/09      
Male 45+Richard Hanke0:32:2108/28/09Gary Robinson0:35:2006/21/09Brian Birkeland0:44:2205/26/10
Male 50+Curtis Lee0:36:1507/22/09J.l. De Jong0:36:5003/14/10Thomas Preisler0:41:1009/16/09
Male 55+Steve Connelly0:37:0809/23/13Barry Schwartz0:38:4907/22/09Mark Pryor0:41:4709/09/13
Male 65+Jeffrey Balfus0:54:3002/26/09      
Male ClydesdaleMike McGeough0:41:5705/14/08      
Female 35+Farah Hosseinian0:54:3007/22/09      
Distance: 4.2 miles (from 6th Street to end of road via On Orbit)
Climb: 2300 feet
Avg Grade: 10.4%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallGary Robinsion0:37:3410/18/08J.l. De Jong0:39:5503/20/10Steve Connelly0:40:4910/08/13
Male 45+Gary Robinsion0:37:3410/18/08Tim Gathercole0:42:4007/22/09Brian Birkeland0:44:1010/22/11
Male 50+J.l. De Jong0:39:5503/20/10Michael Mcgeough0:41:2405/03/11   
Male 55+Steve Connelly0:40:4910/08/13Franz Kelsch0:42:4507/19/07   
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:43:3007/04/08      
Female 45+Alison Chaiken0:43:0210/13/07      
Distance: 3.3 miles (from 18 mile mark on road to summit)
Climb: 1030 feet
Avg Grade: 5.9%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallRussell Stevens0:17:4403/05/11K.L. Seh0:19:3903/07/09Russell Stevens0:20:3707/05/09
Mixed 35+ TandemRussell & Sheila Stevens0:24:3003/07/09      
Mixed 60+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch0:29:5703/07/09      
Male 35+Russell Stevens0:17:4403/05/11K.L. Seh0:19:3903/07/09Russell Stevens0:20:3707/05/09
Male 35+ TandemChristopher & Ehren Larson0:31:0003/07/10      
Male 45+Rick Collins0:21:5003/07/09      
Male 55+Mark Pryor0:31:4503/05/11      
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:22:5601/17/08      
Distance: 1.4 miles (from Heritage Hills Dr to end of Grover Creek Dr)
Climb: 490 feet
Avg Grade: 6.6%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallStephen Rogers0:07:3506/22/10Jimmy Clark0:07:3706/22/10Stephen Rogers0:07:4606/08/10
Male 35+Stephen Rogers0:07:3506/22/10      
Male 50+Paul Zimmerman0:09:0905/10/11      
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:08:3704/27/10      
Male 65+Stan Swallow0:09:4309/15/09      
Male 70+Stan Swallow0:08:3609/12/11      
Male CAT 4-5Jimmy Clark0:07:3706/22/10Christian Sage0:08:5609/15/09   
Female 60+Anne Kelsch0:12:2905/04/10      
Female CAT 4-5Sarah Clark0:09:2809/22/09      
Distance: 8.5 miles (from St. Street to SR264 Junction)
Climb: 2849 feet
Avg Grade: 6.3%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallRichard Stum1:02:0008/31/09Nate Carter1:19:3107/24/10   
Male 55+Richard Stum1:02:0008/31/09      
Male ClydesdaleNate Carter1:19:3107/24/10      
Distance: 3.8 miles (from Highway 9 to stop sign)
Climb: 1530 feet
Avg Grade: 7.6%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallBob Simpson0:17:5008/15/00Gabe Multer0:21:3602/12/10Matthew Sarna-wojcicki0:24:0507/18/11
Male 45+Matthew Sarna-wojcicki0:24:0507/18/11Paul Metz0:36:0212/11/10   
Male 50+Michael Mcgeough0:32:2506/30/12      
Male 55+Franz Kelsch0:24:5809/06/06Bob Stevens0:27:0206/30/09   
Male 65+Tony Ornellas0:29:5012/11/10      
Male CAT 1-2-3Bob Simpson0:17:5008/15/00      
Male JuniorGabe Multer0:21:3602/12/10      
Distance: 6.8 miles (from Woodchooper to first parking lot)
Climb: 2120 feet
Avg Grade: 5.9%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallDaniel Tisdell0:32:4910/26/08Gary Franck0:35:0810/30/05Franz Kelsch0:37:3410/28/07
Mixed 55+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch0:52:5810/16/08      
Mixed 60+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch0:51:2903/23/09      
Male 35+Todd Munk0:37:3907/14/10      
Male 45+Gary Franck0:35:0810/30/05Joe Farinha0:38:4810/28/07Richard Hanke0:40:3507/01/09
Male 50+Mike Mcgeough0:48:5309/20/09      
Male 55+Franz Kelsch0:37:3410/28/07      
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:38:3310/26/08      
Male 65+David Fitch0:43:2011/13/11Franz Kelsch0:43:2510/14/13David Fitch0:44:2011/15/09
Male 70+David Fitch0:44:4311/11/12      
Male CAT 4-5Mike Deitchman0:44:4010/26/08      
Male JuniorDaniel Tisdell0:32:4910/26/08      
Female 45+Laetitia Loubser0:45:4505/11/10Alison Chaiken0:51:1011/15/09Karen McGeough0:55:3410/25/09
Female 50+Deborah Hoag0:48:5110/26/08      
Female 60+Deborah Hoag0:51:4311/16/14Anne Kelsch0:59:1903/20/10   
Distance: 1.7 miles (from start of Hicks to stop sign)
Climb: 950 feet
Avg Grade: 10.6%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallBenjamin Weir0:09:5309/12/10Richard Hanke0:10:4710/12/09K.L. Seh0:12:3106/15/09
Mixed 50+Deborah Hoag0:15:2208/10/11      
Male 35+K.L. Seh0:12:3106/15/09      
Male 45+ FixieDavid Hoag0:14:0109/29/10      
Male 45+Richard Hanke0:10:4710/12/09Gary Robinson0:13:0311/10/08Brian Birkeland0:14:3511/10/08
Male 50+J.l. De Jong0:14:2203/05/11Rick Piras0:14:4603/19/10Thomas Preisler0:15:1205/01/09
Male 55+Chris Walter0:14:1109/26/11Thomas Preisler0:14:2805/09/10Chris Walter0:15:0509/15/11
Male 60+Bob Stevens0:13:4408/19/10Leo Hartung0:17:0010/31/08   
Male 65+Leo Hartung0:16:5909/26/11Jeffrey Balfus0:17:3910/12/09   
Male CAT 4-5Benjamin Weir0:09:5309/12/10      
Female 45+Laetitia Loubser0:13:4505/03/11      
Female 50+Deborah Hoag0:16:0401/07/09      
Female 55+Deborah Hoag0:16:3603/12/11Michele Rae0:18:1006/24/10   
Female 60+Deborah Hoag0:16:5511/24/14      
Distance: 5.3 miles (from curvy road sign at Arnerich to stop sign at summit)
Climb: 1050 feet
Avg Grade: 3.8%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallRichard Hanke0:24:2208/24/09Gary Robinson0:27:1009/22/08Chris Walter0:27:2710/11/11
Male 45+Richard Hanke0:24:2208/24/09Gary Robinson0:27:1009/22/08Paul Metz0:28:1006/23/10
Male 50+Jim Lentfer0:28:0306/24/09Thomas Preisler0:29:3007/28/09Kevin Cameron0:29:3908/25/11
Male 55+Chris Walter0:27:2710/11/11Barry Schwartz0:28:5106/24/09Mark Pryor0:31:1906/20/12
Male 65+Peterq Wallace0:38:0010/28/08      
Female 50+Deborah Hoag0:31:1612/06/08Michele Rae0:31:4509/21/05   
Female 55+Michele Rae0:34:0208/10/10      
Distance: 5.6 miles (from Pierce to Skyline)
Climb: 1880 feet
Avg Grade: 6.4%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallRussell Stevens0:26:3007/09/09Dave Rossow0:27:0807/29/09Matthew Sarna-wojcicki0:29:2807/28/08
Mixed 45+ Deborah & David Hoag0:38:5110/03/09      
Mixed 45+ TandemDeborah & David Hoag0:38:5110/03/09      
Mixed 55+ TandemRussell & Beth Reid0:30:0008/21/10      
Mixed Junior TandemJoanne & Paul Reid & Summers0:35:2208/07/10      
Male 35+Russell Stevens0:26:3007/09/09Dave Rossow0:27:0807/29/09   
Male 45+Matthew Sarna-wojcicki0:29:2807/28/08Brian Sterling0:31:2306/06/10Alexander Komlik0:34:1703/29/11
Male 50+Curtis Lee0:35:4507/29/09J.l. De Jong0:37:1806/22/10Thomas Preisler0:37:3107/21/09
Male 55+Troy Folkner0:34:3407/04/09Steve Connelly0:36:4809/20/13Barry Schwartz0:38:4107/29/09
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:34:5509/13/08      
Male 65+David Fitch0:35:4211/12/11Bob Shultz0:45:1408/08/09Jeffrey Balfus0:47:2807/05/09
Male ClydesdaleTodd Manley0:30:5510/10/09      
Female 35+Farah Hosseinian0:48:3009/16/09      
Female 45+Laetitia Loubser0:37:3906/30/11Karen McGeough0:43:1809/06/08Janet Chaffin0:44:3510/10/09
Female 50+Helen Casabona0:33:5411/12/11Deborah Hoag0:47:0901/29/09   
Female 55+ FixieDeborah Hoag0:48:5210/02/10      
Female 55+Cindi Staiger0:38:4501/31/10Deborah Hoag0:45:2706/09/11   
Distance: 2.9 miles (from Hwy 236 to China Grade)
Climb: 1480 feet
Avg Grade: 9.7%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallSteve Connelly0:28:2108/03/13Mike Deitchman0:31:0011/22/07Paul Metz0:32:1507/31/10
Male 45+Paul Metz0:32:1507/31/10      
Male 55+Steve Connelly0:28:2108/03/13      
Male CAT 4-5Mike Deitchman0:31:0011/22/07      
Female 45+Alison Chaiken0:33:4007/30/11      
Female 55+Michele Rae0:34:2407/31/10      
Distance: 4.3 miles (from Trip to summit)
Climb: 1600 feet
Avg Grade: 7%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallPeter Tapscott0:23:4010/09/91Ian Scott0:24:0008/16/11Russell & Beth Reid0:25:5808/14/10
Mixed 55+ TandemRussell & Beth Reid0:25:5808/14/10      
Male 35+Peter Tapscott0:23:4010/09/91Patrick Herlihy0:29:0606/30/09John Tsamasfyros0:35:1909/21/10
Male 45+Ian Scott0:24:0008/31/11Brian Sterling0:26:1402/09/11Ian Scott0:26:3005/23/11
Male 50+James Sabry0:30:3210/17/09Gary Young0:31:3005/02/10   
Male 55+Tory Folkner0:28:5302/03/09Mark Pryor0:33:2708/04/12   
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:34:5311/29/08Bob Shultz0:36:3509/16/09   
Male 65+Dave Fitch0:31:2708/18/10      
Male CAT 4-5Eric Welsh0:30:1803/23/14John Tsamasfyros0:33:2504/19/11   
Male ClydesdaleTodd Manley0:27:1502/23/10Mike McGeough0:34:1409/10/08   
Male JuniorBobby Boogs0:40:0008/14/12      
Female 45+Helen Casabona0:28:0906/14/10Laetitia Loubser0:30:5004/08/10   
Female 50+Deborah Hoag0:34:3411/29/08      
Female 55+Cindi Staiger0:34:1402/28/10      
Distance: 1.0 miles (from Santa Terresa to stop sign)
Climb: 300 feet
Avg Grade: 5.7%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallFranz Kelsch0:04:5807/01/09Laetitia Loubser0:05:0605/03/10Franz & Anne Kelsch0:06:2102/27/10
Mixed 60+Franz & Anne Kelsch0:07:2706/01/09      
Mixed 60+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch0:06:2102/27/10      
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:04:5807/01/09      
Female 45+Laetitia Loubser0:05:0605/03/10      
Female 60+Anne Kelsch0:06:2209/24/10      
Distance: 1.8 miles (from line at start of climb to signs at top)
Climb: 910 feet
Avg Grade: 9.6%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallRussell Stevens0:11:0709/24/09Daniel Tisdell0:11:0807/29/08Steven Mielich0:12:1309/28/12
Male 35+Russell Stevens0:11:0709/24/09Craig Amey0:13:5203/24/11Todd Munk0:14:3407/29/10
Male 45+Richard Hanke0:13:1807/18/09Steven Mielich0:13:5905/27/10Paul Metz0:15:5110/28/10
Male 50+Steven Mielich0:12:1309/28/12Rick Piras0:16:3004/14/10Gary Young0:17:1307/11/10
Male 55+Doug Reynolds0:12:3710/01/09Franz Kelsch0:13:1904/10/07Chris Walter0:16:0010/09/11
Male 60+Victor Menayan0:12:3809/17/10Franz Kelsch0:13:1809/16/08   
Male 65+Franz Kelsch0:14:2110/03/13Jeff Balfus0:22:5107/21/09   
Male 70+Paul McKiernan0:29:0709/23/08      
Male ClydesdaleTodd Manley0:15:2003/21/10      
Male JuniorDaniel Tisdell0:11:0807/29/08      
Female 35+ FixieSusan Forsman0:21:1602/22/10      
Female 45+Laetitia Loubser0:15:5206/08/11Peggy Zagelow0:17:3705/20/10   
Female 50+Deborah Hoag0:17:2911/06/08Michele Rae0:20:3207/17/05Pat Parseghian0:24:5311/15/08
Female 55+Cindi Staiger0:16:3501/28/09Joan Freed0:19:4812/30/08   
Female 60+Anne Kelsch0:19:1902/25/10      
Distance: 5.3 miles (from Stevens Canyon Road to end)
Climb: 2030 feet
Avg Grade: 7.3%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallChristopher Phipps0:26:0310/03/09Russell Stevens0:27:2907/23/09Beth Reid0:30:0210/04/14
Mixed 35+ TandemRussell & Sheila Stevens0:43:2909/19/08Christopher & Skylla Larson1:10:0008/02/10   
Mixed 50+ TandemRussell & Beth Reid0:32:4008/04/10Jim & Veronica Lastname0:47:1707/30/09   
Mixed 55+ TandemRussell & Beth Reid0:31:5410/02/10      
Mixed 60+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch0:44:5807/04/09      
Male 35+Christopher Phipps0:26:0310/03/09Russell Stevens0:27:2907/23/09K.L. Seh0:35:5207/04/09
Male 45+Brian Sterling0:32:2310/02/10Richard Hanke0:33:2407/16/09Brian Sterling0:33:4710/03/09
Male 50+Mike Urbina0:32:1710/04/14Vince Cummings0:34:2510/02/10Mike Urbina0:35:2909/30/14
Male 55+Sam Beal0:32:3910/04/08Troy Folkner0:33:5910/04/08Steve Connelly0:35:5510/05/13
Male 60+Russell Reid0:32:4310/04/14Sam Beal0:32:5310/01/11Franz Kelsch0:33:2010/06/12
Male 65+Franz Kelsch0:35:4610/05/13Steve Chapel0:37:3510/01/11David Fitch0:39:3012/23/09
Male 70+David Fitch0:36:3610/06/12Paul McKiernan1:17:0009/14/08   
Male CAT 4-5Chris O'Keefe0:33:3009/01/11      
Female 45+Janet Chaffin0:43:0010/03/09Pat Becker0:44:0209/13/08Alison Chaiken0:45:1410/01/10
Female 50+Helen Casabona0:33:3610/05/13Michele Rae0:45:3509/15/05Pat Parseghian0:54:4310/03/09
Female 55+Beth Reid0:30:0210/04/14Deborah Hoag0:50:0103/11/11Michele Rae0:51:1508/07/10
Distance: 11.2 miles (from Athenian School to parking lot at top)
Climb: 3700 feet
Avg Grade: 6.3%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallBrendan Montgomerie0:53:5305/22/12Brian Canali0:57:3310/04/09Richard Hanke0:57:4910/04/09
Mixed 60+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch1:21:3304/04/09      
Male 35+Brendan Montgomerie0:53:5305/22/12      
Male 45+Brian Canali0:57:3310/04/09Richard Hanke0:57:4910/04/09Alexander Komlik1:03:0610/03/10
Male 50+Michael Mcgeough1:21:1209/25/10      
Male 55+Mark Pryor1:23:1309/28/13Jeffery Callahan1:24:1305/15/13Mark Pryor1:24:1707/28/12
Male 60+Franz Kelsch1:01:5007/11/09      
Male CAT 4-5Dhiraj Dwarapudi1:25:0007/28/12      
Female 50+Pat Parseghian1:34:1910/20/07      
Distance: 18.5 miles (from Alum Rock to Observatory parking lot)
Climb: 4200 feet
Avg Grade: 4.3%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallEric Welsh0:01:4512/21/13Bob Simpson1:09:4305/30/00Russell Stevens1:13:3708/14/09
Mixed 35+ TandemRussell & Sheila Stevens1:57:5011/12/07      
Mixed 45+ TandemBrian & Janet Wagner1:23:0211/25/10      
Mixed 50+ TandemRussell & Beth Reid1:28:2507/17/10      
Mixed 55+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch2:02:4505/10/08      
Male 35+Russell Stevens1:13:3708/14/09Dave Rossow1:21:2511/27/08   
Male 45+Steve Mielich1:20:1205/27/07K.L. Seh1:30:0006/13/06Alexander Komlik1:33:1011/25/10
Male 50+John Toor1:24:3211/27/08J.l. De Jong1:37:4102/07/10Jeff Bubin1:47:0007/04/14
Male 55+Bob Brandt1:21:3605/04/13Franz Kelsch1:28:5409/16/07Mark Pryor1:53:3705/28/12
Male 60+Franz Kelsch1:36:4711/26/09Bob Stevens1:50:0108/20/11   
Male 65+David Fitch1:42:0711/24/11Jeffrey Balfus2:06:1410/03/09Bob Shultz2:06:4308/29/09
Male CAT 1-2-3Bob Simpson1:09:4305/30/00      
Male CAT 4-5Eric Welsh0:01:4512/21/13Joe Turner1:31:3206/23/12   
Male ClydesdaleMark Pryor1:56:0206/19/10      
Female 35+Farah Hosseinian2:06:0010/03/09      
Female 45+Laetitia Loubser1:47:0406/20/11Alison Chaiken2:09:4505/29/11   
Female 50+Michele Rae1:58:0009/17/05Pat Parseghian2:15:2411/27/07   
Distance: 4.5 miles (from start of climb to where levels off)
Climb: 2000 feet
Avg Grade: 8.4%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallBrian Canali0:35:2803/12/11Russell Stevens0:37:4005/02/09Barry Schwartz0:41:3206/13/09
Mixed 35+ TandemRussell & Sheila Stevens0:46:5406/13/09      
Mixed 55+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch0:49:4505/10/08      
Mixed 60+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch0:48:5806/13/09      
Male 35+Russell Stevens0:37:4005/02/09      
Male 50+Brian Canali0:35:2803/12/11Mark Pryor1:00:4604/25/09   
Male 55+Barry Schwartz0:41:3206/13/09Mark Pryor0:52:0405/28/12   
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:44:2205/12/12      
Male ClydesdaleMike McGeough0:45:4402/27/05Mark Pryor0:53:0406/19/10   
Female 35+Farah Hosseinian0:59:2004/17/10      
Female 50+Deborah Hoag0:53:2401/12/09      
Distance: 3.3 miles (from bridge to stop sign at Skyline)
Climb: 1310 feet
Avg Grade: 7.5%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallChristopher Phipps0:15:3510/10/09Jens Heycke0:16:3806/30/07Daniel Connelly0:16:4907/29/09
Mixed 35+ TandemRussell & Sheila Stevens0:28:1707/25/09      
Mixed 50+ TandemRussell & Beth Reid0:19:4907/08/10Janet & Brian0:21:5405/11/08   
Mixed 55+ TandemRussell & Beth Reid0:19:0609/22/10Franz & Anne Kelsch0:30:1503/12/08   
Mixed 60+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch0:29:3006/06/09      
Male 35+Christopher Phipps0:15:3510/10/09Daniel Connelly0:16:4907/29/09Russell Stevens0:16:5107/02/09
Male 45+Jens Heycke0:16:3806/30/07Brian Sterling0:18:2205/15/10Dennis Pedersen0:19:5010/03/07
Male 50+Roland Hsu0:20:4506/15/12Neal Herman0:21:4308/22/09J.l. De Jong0:22:2108/27/10
Male 55+Peter Tapscott0:19:1310/09/05Russell Reid0:19:3908/18/10Troy Folkner0:19:5910/10/09
Male 60+Russell Reid0:19:3610/29/14Franz Kelsch0:21:2509/15/12Steve Chapel0:22:2008/19/07
Male 65+Dave Fitch0:22:1510/09/10Steve Chapel0:22:5810/10/09David Fitch0:23:2002/10/10
Male CAT 1-2-3Brian Sterling0:16:5207/25/90Brad Lovegren0:18:2809/29/12   
Male CAT 4-5Mark Foster0:19:1310/07/09Chris O'Keefe0:19:3608/23/11Al Painter0:21:3607/18/10
Male ClydesdaleTodd Manley0:18:5309/16/09Jeff Golden0:22:4102/16/10   
Male JuniorTim Aiken0:19:0612/16/10      
Female 35+Megan Storms0:30:1311/26/11      
Female 45+Helen Casabona0:20:1810/09/10Alison Chaiken0:27:3310/09/10   
Female 50+Beth Reid0:19:1408/18/10Michele Rae0:27:0010/08/05Deborah Hoag0:28:4301/15/09
Female 55+Beth Reid0:18:2509/13/14Cindi Staiger0:26:4803/06/10Michele Rae0:29:4008/19/10
Female 60+Anne Kelsch0:28:5805/18/10      
Distance: 8.3 miles (from Arastradero to Skyline)
Climb: 2300 feet
Avg Grade: 5.2%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallJens Heycke0:35:5711/18/06Russell Stevens0:39:2510/17/08Chris O'Keefe0:39:4809/03/11
Mixed 35+ TandemRussell & Sheila Stevens0:50:3105/31/09      
Mixed 50+ TandemRussell & Beth Reid0:41:4207/03/10      
Male 35+Russell Stevens0:39:2510/17/08Dave Rossow0:40:1706/17/09Patrick Herlihy0:48:0608/25/09
Male 45+Jens Heycke0:35:5711/18/06Brian Sterling0:42:4104/29/10Ned Lucia0:43:4504/15/12
Male 50+Roland Hsu0:43:3004/11/13J.l. De Jong0:47:4601/16/11Ralph Conway0:48:1406/18/12
Male 55+Troy Folkner0:45:1707/02/09Barry Schwartz0:48:4006/01/09Mark Pryor0:54:1610/15/11
Male 60+Sam Beal0:41:2710/15/11Franz Kelsch0:46:2210/15/11   
Male 65+David Fitch0:46:4110/15/11Steve Chapel0:46:5110/15/11   
Male CAT 4-5Chris O'Keefe0:39:4809/03/11      
Female 35+Farah Hosseinian0:57:4510/11/09      
Female 45+Janet Chaffin0:57:5906/17/09      
Female 50+Helen Casabona0:42:0310/15/11      
Distance: 3.4 miles (from Murillo to summit)
Climb: 1660 feet
Avg Grade: 9.2%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallSam Beal0:25:4910/18/08Franz Kelsch0:27:2010/18/08David Fitch0:29:1010/13/12
Mixed 35+ TandemRussell & Sheila Stevens0:34:1608/07/09      
Mixed 60+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch0:42:2701/27/09      
Male 35+Mike Deitchman0:36:1901/01/11      
Male 45+Paul Metz0:36:5006/13/09      
Male 50+Michael Mcgeough0:33:3110/05/10John Long0:34:0312/27/11Michael Mcgeough0:34:5209/21/10
Male 55+Sam Beal0:25:4910/18/08      
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:27:2010/18/08      
Male 70+David Fitch0:29:1010/13/12      
Female 45+Alision Chaiken0:32:5610/18/08      
Female 50+Deborah Hoag0:38:3201/12/09      
Distance: 4.2 miles (from Ruby to summit)
Climb: 1975 feet
Avg Grade: 8.9%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallRussell Stevens0:28:3111/19/05Franz Kelsch0:31:3810/18/08Mike McGeough0:33:5805/03/04
Male 35+Russell Stevens0:28:3111/19/05      
Male 50+Dan Swinehart0:42:2805/30/05      
Male 55+Franz Kelsch0:34:4706/12/03      
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:31:3810/18/08      
Male ClydesdaleMike McGeough0:33:5805/03/04      
Female 45+Karen McGeough0:49:5807/12/04      
Female 50+Michele Rae0:45:0509/01/04      
Distance: 1.2 miles (from Hicks to end of paved road)
Climb: 660 feet
Avg Grade: 10.4%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallDavid Hoag0:10:3307/13/10Jim Lentfer0:10:5507/20/09David Hoag0:11:0705/20/10
Mixed 50+ TandemSpencer & JoAnn Frink0:16:0708/04/09      
Male 45+ FixieDavid Hoag0:11:0705/20/10      
Male 45+David Hoag0:10:3307/13/10Brian Birkeland0:11:5908/17/09   
Male 50+Jim Lentfer0:10:5507/20/09Thomas Preisler0:12:0804/15/09Mark Pryor0:12:1507/20/09
Male 55+Mark Pryor0:11:1707/17/13Barry Schwartz0:11:2507/21/10Mark Pryor0:11:2807/18/12
Female 35+Farah Hosseinian0:14:0208/17/09      
Female 55+Michele Rae0:13:4507/27/10      
Distance: 1.1 miles (from Llagas to summit)
Climb: 530 feet
Avg Grade: 9.1%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallFranz Kelsch0:09:3203/28/10Paul Metz0:09:4710/23/10Franz & Anne Kelsch0:10:4611/03/08
Mixed 60+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch0:10:4611/03/08      
Male 45+Paul Metz0:09:4710/23/10Tim Gathercole0:10:4807/18/09Paul Metz0:12:2407/18/09
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:09:3203/28/10      
Distance: 3.7 miles (from start of climb to summit)
Climb: 1830 feet
Avg Grade: 9.4%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallRussell Stevens0:23:4507/17/09Dave Rossow0:24:2102/17/07Daniel Farinha0:25:1006/01/08
Mixed 35+ TandemRussell & Sheila Stevens0:38:1202/01/08      
Mixed 55+ TandemRussell & Beth Reid0:27:5710/08/14      
Male 35+Russell Stevens0:23:4507/17/09Dave Rossow0:24:2102/17/07Brian Canali0:27:20//
Male 45+Brian Canali0:26:1405/19/10Richard Hanke0:27:5306/25/09Brian Birkeland0:34:5410/08/11
Male 50+Roland Hsu0:30:3106/20/11J.l. De Jong0:31:5503/17/11Michael Mcgeough0:36:3705/05/12
Male 55+Steve Connelly0:30:4310/03/13Mike O'Connor0:38:3407/22/10Mark Pryor0:46:4104/23/11
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:30:3110/08/11      
Male 65+Dave Fitch0:33:1002/14/09      
Male 70+Eric Jorgensen0:50:1411/14/07      
Male CAT 4-5Michael Deitchman0:31:5003/22/07      
Male JuniorDaniel Farinha0:25:1006/01/08      
Female 45+Alision Chaiken0:35:0202/18/08Karen McGeough0:44:5111/29/09   
Female 50+Helen Casabona0:28:2410/08/11Deborah Hoag0:37:5801/08/09Pat Parseghian0:44:5011/17/07
Female 60+Debbie Wade0:37:3900/00/00Anne Kelsch0:39:5405/19/10   
Distance: 6.1 miles (from Hwy 109-110 junction to first exit at Snowbird)
Climb: 2400 feet
Avg Grade: 7.5%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallPeter Myers0:44:0007/01/11Helen Casabona0:47:0009/18/11Franz Kelsch0:50:1309/04/09
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:50:1309/04/09      
Male ClydesdalePeter Myers0:44:0007/01/11      
Female 50+Helen Casabona0:47:0009/18/11      
Distance: 4.3 miles (from Hwy 189 to Overlook parking lot)
Climb: 1700 feet
Avg Grade: 7.5%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallTodd Hamblin0:25:1805/11/11Griffin Park0:25:1905/20/12Rick Black0:27:2408/01/10
Mixed 55+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch0:38:4708/11/08      
Mixed 60+Franz & Anne Kelsch0:42:3808/04/09      
Male 35+Dave Green0:27:3510/28/10John Kelsch0:28:2208/08/11Terrell Cook0:29:5508/31/10
Male 45+Jim Jackson0:32:5108/11/10Golden Murray0:35:3008/19/09   
Male 50+Rick Black0:27:2408/01/10      
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:31:1808/31/09      
Male 65+Franz Kelsch0:31:5808/05/13      
Male 70+James Hansen0:40:3006/24/11      
Male CAT 4-5Todd Hamblin0:25:1805/11/11Val Gibson0:27:4408/31/11Aaron Smith0:28:1506/12/10
Male JuniorGriffin Park0:25:1905/20/12      
Female 60+Anne Kelsch0:42:2005/10/10      
Distance: 4.0 miles (from Highland Blvd 11800 N to stop sign at top)
Climb: 1100 feet
Avg Grade: 5.2%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallMark Albrecht0:18:0005/03/10Rick Black0:18:1703/05/12Val Gibson0:18:3808/25/11
Mixed 35+ TandemBrian & Alisa Nelson0:29:3509/06/10      
Male 35+Mark Albrecht0:18:0005/03/10Stephen Rogers0:19:1106/29/10Breen Holmes0:19:4505/25/11
Male 45+Bill Bodine0:22:3404/22/10Von Landon0:25:0008/07/10   
Male 50+Rick Black0:18:1703/05/12Allan Bailey0:20:4209/12/09Rick Black0:20:4605/25/10
Male 55+Gary Henderson0:23:2108/22/09Stan Larrabe0:23:3810/01/09   
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:21:1508/27/09Larry Winzeler0:23:2009/07/09   
Male 65+Stan Swallow0:24:24//      
Male 70+Stan Swallow0:23:0509/05/11      
Male CAT 4-5Val Gibson0:18:3808/25/11Tom Metge0:20:1008/13/10Keven Clark0:20:3108/25/09
Male ClydesdaleBrian Nelson0:24:3804/18/10Noah Parks0:28:2707/14/09Nate Carter0:33:0507/01/10
Male JuniorMatt Rameson0:23:5104/18/10      
Female 55+Blyth Larrabee0:28:3010/01/09      
Distance: 1.0 miles (from Dunne Ave to Dunne Ave)
Climb: 415 feet
Avg Grade: 7.9%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallJohn Kelsch0:05:5009/17/10Victor Menayan0:05:5309/09/10Richard Hanke0:05:5907/18/09
Mixed 60+ TandemFranz & Anne Kelsch0:08:1503/23/09      
Male 35+John Kelsch0:05:5009/17/10      
Male 45+Richard Hanke0:05:5907/18/09Paul Metz0:06:5910/23/10Tim Gathercole0:09:4007/18/09
Male 60+Victor Menayan0:05:5309/09/10Franz Kelsch0:06:0910/05/09   
Female 35+Sheila Stevens0:09:0507/10/09      
Female 45+Laetitia Loubser0:07:0405/14/10      
Female 50+Marie Becker0:09:3407/09/09      
Female 60+Anne Kelsch0:08:4903/15/10      
Distance: 3.5 miles (from Highland Blvd to stop sign at top)
Climb: 1165 feet
Avg Grade: 6.3%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallBobby Bruhn0:22:0908/02/12Ryan Cook0:22:3005/21/11Bobby Bruhn0:22:4605/25/12
Male 35+Troy Huebner0:24:1305/25/12      
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:23:5309/04/09      
Male 70+Stan Swallow0:30:1011/06/10      
Male CAT 4-5Bobby Bruhn0:22:0908/02/12Ryan Cook0:22:3005/21/11Bobby Bruhn0:22:4605/25/12
Female 45+Helen Casabona0:23:1506/04/11      
Female 50+Helen Casabona0:22:4808/16/11      
Distance: 4.1 miles (from cattle guard to end of road)
Climb: 1910 feet
Avg Grade: 8.8%
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Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Best OverallRussell Stevens0:25:0311/06/10Brian Sterling0:27:3111/06/10Russell Stevens0:29:4405/31/09
Mixed 35+ TandemRussell & Sheila Stevens0:45:0806/13/09      
Male 35+Russell Stevens0:25:0311/06/10K.L. Seh0:33:4008/06/09Patrick Herlihy0:37:3003/06/10
Male 45+Brian Sterling0:27:3111/06/10Alexander Komlik0:30:4011/06/10Kley Cardona0:39:1011/06/10
Male 50+Bob Corman0:41:2411/06/10Brian Birkeland0:42:4705/19/12Bob Corman0:46:0105/31/10
Male 65+Dave Fitch0:34:3711/06/10      
Female 45+Alison Chaiken0:41:4511/06/10      
Female 55+Joan Freed0:48:4009/13/08

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