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Name Place Course Time Date Category
Val Gibson 1stSouth Fork (UT) 0:14:11 09/13/10Male CAT 4-5
James Hansen 1stSouth Fork (UT) 0:19:35 05/05/11Male 70+
Jon Russell 2ndSouth Fork (UT) 0:14:13 04/05/11Male CAT 4-5
Nate Carter 1stSouth Fork (UT) 0:19:55 09/25/10Male Clydesdale
Jeremy Stanley  South Fork (UT) 0:19:23 09/17/10Male CAT 4-5
Jeremy Stanley  South Fork (UT) 0:19:38 09/02/10Male CAT 4-5
Ryan Seal 3rdSouth Fork (UT) 0:15:40 09/02/10Male CAT 4-5
Jeremy Stanley  South Fork (UT) 0:19:25 08/28/10Male CAT 4-5
Best three times will be listed below. Tandem times are for mixed only and the average age of both should be used.
Hobble Creek - Time Trial
Distance: 11.0 miles (from 400 S Canyon Rd to end of left fork), Climb: 1000 feet, Avg Grade: 1.7%
Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Male 35+Andy Skelton0:34:2706/07/10Steven Park0:39:4507/27/10   
Male 55+Franz Kelsch0:36:3107/28/07      
Male 65+Stan Swallow0:39:3109/20/08      
Female 60+Anne Kelsch0:45:2305/03/10      
South Fork - Time Trial
Distance: 4.2 miles (from Vivan Park Parking Lot to 10 feet before gate), Climb: 735 feet, Avg Grade: 3.3%
Age GroupBest TimeSecond Best TimeThird Best Time
Male 35+Terrell Cook0:16:0007/22/10      
Male 60+Franz Kelsch0:16:5104/26/10      
Male 70+James Hansen0:19:3505/05/11      
Male CAT 4-5Val Gibson0:14:1109/13/10Jon Russell0:14:1304/05/11Val Gibson0:14:3209/17/09
Male ClydesdaleNate Carter0:19:5509/25/10      
Male JuniorGriffin Park0:16:2507/08/10      
Female 60+Anne Kelsch0:20:4304/26/10

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